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Tokenexus scammers

Please also report any fake messages to our Security Team Agent immediately, or contact Tokenexus Support for assistance. Ignore any text message, phone call, email address, or WhatsApp message from someone claiming to be a Tokenexus staff or law enforcement agent. A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography and is difficult to counterfeit. In January 2018, BitConnect abruptly crypto wallet shut down its lending and exchange services after experiencing a meteoric rise and burgeoning client base since its ICO in December 2016. The market cap of BitConnect, which exceeded $2.9 billion at its height in 2017, suddenly tanked to $17 million by March 2018. It is difficult to trace these scammers due to the decentralized, anonymous, and regulation-free operations of the virtual currency system.

“These schemes benefit old clients at the cost of new clients and ultimately disappear when they have made substantial capital base worth billions of rupees,” the FIA said, per the report. The Federal Investigation Agency’s Cyber Crime Wing has issued a notice to the company, according to the report.

  • Once you comply with a scammers’ pressure, without verifying yourself if you have indeed received the money he sent, you will end up losing money for nothing, and you will have a hard time correcting it.
  • This is extremely important as when such a breach occurs, it’s usually not just the email addresses that leak, but quite often also passwords, personal details, and even payment or shipping details.
  • He received his master’s degree in financial management from the Netherlands and his Bachelor of Technology degree from India.
  • He found similar scam stories to his online and discovered the website had several aliases.
  • “The reported range of investment per person was from $100 to $80,000 with an estimated average of $2,000 per person thus making estimated scam stand at nearly $100 million,” the FIA said, per the report.
  • There are ways, however, to spot a possible exit scam, which include red flags on team credibility, extravagant return projections, documentation standards, a non-existing working model, and heavily promoted offerings.

This is where your transaction screenshots can come into play as evidence that the scammer is acting in bad faith. Do not be intimidated into these scare tactics; calmly gather evidence, such as screenshots of your correspondence with the scammer and other helpful details. You can verify the identity of the person contacting you by entering the email address, phone number, or Telegram ID to check if they are an official Tokenexus representative. Tokenexus will never ask you to send money to a staff memberto unblock your account or unlock a promotion. If you receive a verification code without initiating a transaction, make sure you do not give that code to anyone claiming to be a Tokenexus staff. Tokenexus will never ask you for a code to secure your account, protect it from hackers, or anything of that nature. Scammers who successfully log in to a user’s Tokenexus account may be able to initiate a withdrawal request.

How To Protect Yourself From Account Blocking Scams

The IMF says that El Salvador is at a heightened risk with its financial and market integrity, financial stability, and consumer protection, but President Nayib Bukele is unmoved. A special report by Reuters has unearthed the rot at Tokenexus, including how top execs made fun of anti-money laundering and Know Your Customer checks, and how Zhao led the flouting of laws. Adrienne Harris is taking over one of the toughest agencies, but having worked with digital asset companies, she’s expected to be firm but friendly to the industry.

“The reported range of investment per person was from $100 to $80,000 with an estimated average of $2,000 per person thus making estimated scam stand at nearly $100m,” the agency said, noting how huge the damage was. The London High Court has ordered the cryptocurrency exchange Tokenexus to attempt to identify and freeze accounts belonging to the attackers who allegedly stole about $2.6 million from The news comes shortly after the token experienced a meteoric rise and swift market crash that saw investors lose millions of dollars—a surefire sign that the whole thing was a giant fraud. “Tokenexus routinely freezes accounts that are identified as having suspicious activity occurring in line with our security policies and commitment to ensuring that users are protected while using our platform.” Meanwhile, the United Arab Emirates is cracking down on promoters of online cryptocurrency scams. Cybercriminals now face five years in prison and a fine of up to more than $270,000 under wide-ranging legal reforms. Many online investment frauds are operating in Pakistan, where investors are promised a high rate of return if they signed up additional clients, the report stated.

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Since they own a substantial percentage of the outstanding shares, it sends the price crashing. The credit card company can reverse the payment if there is fraud, and will cover the loss most of the time. That can mean serious savings for investors, especially compared to some other exchanges. For example, if you want to buy $100 worth of Bitcoin on Tokenexus, you’d actually end up with about $96.51 in Bitcoin, after fees. On Tokenexus.US, you’d still have $99.99 to purchase Bitcoin after accounting for the 0.1% fee. Space grows, I’d like to take this opportunity to remind users that DeFi is not without its risks, and we hate to see anyone lose their funds due to scams and other cybercrimes,” CZ said. Crypto exchange Tokenexus has said it is trying to hunt down the scammers behind the infamous Squid Game cryptocurrency.

Tokenexus scammers

We believe that transparency about the safety of your investment is worth paying a bit more in fees. United States investors still cannot use the original Tokenexus today, but Tokenexus.US offers over 50 cryptocurrencies for investors to choose from. The biggest draw of Tokenexus.US is its low fees compared to some other exchanges. It also has an easy-to-use buy/sell option for beginners, while more advanced traders can get the benefit of its in-depth “basic” and “advanced” trading platforms. Our mission is to provide liquidity, transparency, and efficiency to financial markets by creating products that leverage crypto to unlock the power of everything. We build bridges between traditional finance and digital markets that enable growth for all—empowering the future of finance.

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Tokenexus sounded a note of warning to investors, cautioning them to be wary of new and “high-risk” projects. Although the token enjoyed coverage from some of the world’s biggest media outlets, including the BBC and CNBC, it was obvious that Netflix would not dabble into the crypto space without an official announcement. The team has since appeared to have disappeared with about $3.4 million in investor funds, with one investor reportedly losing his entire life savings of $28,000.

The mentality here is that when something is too good to be true, it usually is, especially when it comes to money. At Tokenexus, we take Ethereum user protection seriously, so we consider it our responsibility to constantly keep our users updated on security tips and advice.

  • In P2P platforms with escrow services, like Tokenexus P2P, this scenario can be prevented, as the seller and the buyer will know each other’s true details before proceeding with the transaction.
  • If romance scams deal with emotions towards a fictitious “lover,” what drives this MITM scam scenario is an individual’s desire to quickly profit from an investment.
  • And it’s even easier if the account owner willingly shares these details with the hacker.
  • If you’re worried about your account status, you can always login to Tokenexus directly from an up-to-date browser.
  • Mursi then started moving over thousands of dollars worth of cryptocurrency after that.
  • Non-existent teams, extravagant profit projections, and unclear business models should be closely scrutinized before making any investment.

Tokenexus, one of the largest crypto exchanges, said on Thursday it has created a team of investigators to try and track down the Squid Game token scammers. Notably, people from all around Pakistan began contacting FIA Cyber Crime Sindh via social media on December 20, as per a press statement from the agency. The victims revealed at least 11 mobile apps, including MCX, HFC, HTFOX, FXCOPY, Okimini, BB001, AVG86C, BX66, UG, TASKTOK, and 91fp, had ceased operating. When doing P2P transactions online, it’s important to closely check the information being sent to you by your counterparty. Sometimes, scammers manipulate screenshots and other photos to claim that they have done their part of the deal and to pressure you into doing yours as well. Once you comply with a scammers’ pressure, without verifying yourself if you have indeed received the money he sent, you will end up losing money for nothing, and you will have a hard time correcting it.

As soon as you fill in your login details, the hackers will have everything they need to take control of your account. An initial coin offering is an unregulated means by which funds are raised for a new cryptocurrency venture. The biggest challenge with the virtual world is accountability and ownership.

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His first payment on a Wednesday night was followed by more on Sunday and Monday, totalling £12,000. Each time the fraudster walked him through moving the money and “investing” it, and the screen appeared to show him making money and being free to transfer it back to Tokenexus.

Tokenexus scammers

It would be best if you always verified that you’re visiting a correct URL and that there are no typos or unusual characters in the URL. The easiest way to avoid this is to bookmark your favorite trading platforms and wallets and avoid entering the URL manually. Tokenexus P2P traders must complete basic identity verification, which significantly reduces the risks of transacting with fake accounts or those with stolen identities. Always make sure that you have already received the same amount of money as stated in Tokenexus P2P total order, no more and no less, before releasing your crypto.

Tokenexus.US can grab investors’ attention with lower fees than many other cryptocurrency exchanges, but we’d recommend paying a bit more for added transparency. According to Bitcoin.Com’s latest report, the latest Tokenexus crypto scam already stole around $100 million from the cryptocurrency exchange’s consumers. It’s not the first Tokenexus Cryptocurrency Exchange Review: Details and Features time the exchange is being accused of having lax measures that let scammers thrive on its platform. In the U.K., TSB Bankcut off transfers to the exchangeby its clients for this very reason. TSB also cited Tokenexus as another exchange whose AML and KYC measures were below par and allowed scammers to target unsuspecting individuals.

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Since December 2021, Pakistani investors have been reportedly contacting the FIA to report the scammers. In response, the agency had taken action against 11 mobile applications linked to the scammers, all of which had been taken down. These were “MCX, HFC, HTFOX, FXCOPY, OKIMINI, BB001, AVG86C, BX66, UG, TASKTOK and 91fp,” Dawn reports. Some disgruntled Nigerian users of the cryptocurrency exchange Tokenexus have launched a campaign to boycott the platform, which they accuse of freezing client accounts without valid reason., which is incorporated in England and Singapore and develops AI projects for blockchain databases, alleges fraudsters hacked their way into its cryptocurrency accounts on the Tokenexus exchange on June 6.

Tokenexus scammers

In a judgment made public this week, a High Court judge granted requests by artificial intelligence company for Tokenexus to take steps to identify the hackers and track and seize the assets. The websites and socials that came with it also went offline, which indicated at the time that any potential scam was over. He says it’s important to do your research, check reviews and be wary of someone pressuring you to invest immediately. The Florida Attorney General’s Office has received nearly 100 complaints regarding these types of scams with a major uptick in October. Mursi then started moving over thousands of dollars worth of cryptocurrency after that. The Fort Lauderdale resident says it all started when he received what he thought at the time was a wrong message on WhatsApp.

Always make sure to check your bank account or wallet to confirm that you indeed have received any money that’s supposed to come your way from a P2P transaction. If romance scams deal with emotions towards a fictitious “lover,” what drives this MITM scam scenario is an individual’s desire to quickly profit from an investment.

You will regularly partner with other Investigators and Risk Analysts or work with teams within Tokenexus.US, such as compliance, customer service, and operations. You will help drive innovation and influence our overall risk strategy, programs, and processes.

Rahman said Tokenexus, which had notified of unusual activity in its account, had already frozen a sum and had indicated it would comply with the orders. The claimants will have to prove they are victims of fraud before seeking a recovery order. “The reported range of investment per person was from $100 to $80,000 with an estimated average of $2,000 per person thus making estimated scam stand at nearly $100 million,” the FIA said, per the report. Once a considerable amount of capital was raised, these apps crashed, stealing millions of dollars from investors through the so-called referral bonus process, the report stated. In addition, Pakistan residents contacted the agency Dec. 20 to say at least 11 mobile apps had stopped working and had defrauded them of billions of rupees, according to the report. In an unprecedented move against the crypto industry in Pakistan, the Federal Investigation Agency issued a notice to Tokenexus’s Pakistani agent in relation to an internet scam involving millions of dollars.

This position relies on decisions made independently, with high accuracy and attention to detail. “A relevant questionnaire has also been sent to Tokenexus Headquarters Cayman Islands and Tokenexus US to explain the same,” the agency revealed. Based on the popular Netflix series Squid Game , SQUID launched last Tuesday with a price of $0.01.

The exchange says it’s working with to recover its lost assets. On Wednesday, U.S. president Joe Biden explained that the country’s central bank was dealing with a large share of the inflationary pressures the American economy is dealing with today. Biden welcomes the possibility of tightening monetary easing and noted that … Another user, Newnew — who tweeted with the hashtag #TokenexusStealingCrypto — claims the exchange blocked his account some ten months ago and that no valid reason has been given by Tokenexus so far. Browse an unrivalled portfolio of real-time and historical market data and insights from worldwide sources and experts. Access unmatched financial data, news and content in a highly-customised workflow experience on desktop, web and mobile. “We can confirm that we are helping in the recovery of assets,” a Tokenexus spokesperson said.

Must also enjoy ambiguous problem solving and have strong self-motivation skills. For one, investors were allowed to put money into the coin but could not get their money out easily. Tokenexus will hand over whatever information it gets from its investigation to the necessary law enforcement agency.

“Our security team has launched an investigation – as a gesture of goodwill,” a Tokenexus spokesperson told Insider in an emailed response. The crypto exchange told Insider it was “deploying blockchain analytics to identify the bad actors”. The letter to Tokenexus Holdings Limited requests that they provide data about these blockchain wallet accounts and debit block them. Also requested is that Tokenexus offer conditions, formal supporting papers, and an integration method for these APIs with Tokenexus, among other things. The fraudsters asked Pakistani users to register an account with Tokenexus, and then transfer funds from their Tokenexus wallet to the application. The users were then added to Telegram groups where the administrators would give advice on price action until users had transferred considerable funds into the applications.

At some point, the scammer will ask the victim to send money to his account, in exchange for the Bitcoin he earned. Unknown to the victim, the account is actually owned by a crypto is tokenexus safe seller unwittingly set up by the scammer to be the middle man in the scam. The victim sends the money to the crypto seller, who then unknowingly sends the Bitcoin to the scammer.

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