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James holds a BA in Politics and Modern History from the soccer University of Manchester, in the UK. His interests span from late imperial China through to the First and Second World Wars, and the Cold War. Posters such as the above encouraged unity between the different sections of Moscow’s population.

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  • None of these actions had any effect on the conflict, except to stimulate hatred and violence against the Russians in our countries.
  • Stalin did not completely succeed in suppressing Lenin’s Testament suggesting that others remove Stalin from his position as leader of the Communist party.
  • The minority felt it their duty to submit to the will of the majority and Stalin himself practiced this when losing a vote.

For example, in late May 2022, as the Azovstal surrender in Mariupol showed neo-Nazi fighters, they began to allege that there are neo-Nazis in the Russian army. In August 2022, when Kiev was carrying out actions of a terrorist nature against the Energodar power plant in Crimea and on Russian territory, Zelensky called for Russia to be considered a terrorist state. What the incidents in Crimea indirectly show is that the popular resistance claimed by the West in February does not exist.

Ukrainian socialist MP Ilya Kiva revealed on Telegram that the Bucha tragedy was planned by the British MI6 special services and implemented by the SBU. That’s why it becomes necessary to send men who are ready for anything. This is the same principle as Marshal Konstantin Rokossovki, who was sentenced to death by Stalin, but was released from prison in 1941 to fight against the Germans. The Russians have attacked Ukraine and the Ukrainian soldiers are not a priori opposed to fighting them. But they realize that the orders they receive are not consistent with the situation on the battlefield. They understood that the decisions affecting them are not linked to military factors, but to political considerations.

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According to own sources, this was done under pressure and blackmail from the United States. Nevertheless, this is a severe blow to the very principle of neutrality that will have consequences in other future conflicts. This is a very serious development because neutrality is not simply a unilateral declaration. Yet Switzerland not only aligned itself with the Western countries but was even more extreme than them.

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In much the same way as Tsar Nicholas II had been known as the “Little Father”, chosen by God to rule over the nation, so too Stalin was referred to as the Vozhd, a term meaning “leader” or “guide”. An international online platform bringing together archives on Russian art from the postwar period to the present. Perhaps Soviet artists’ boldest move was exposing the lie of happiness under Stalin’s totalitarian regime. They did so not by political sabotage or physical rebellion, but by implementing ink and paint to portray what life was truly like for the ordinary Soviet citizen. Late Socialist Realism took no part in “heroic idealization of the working man,” as Stalin had.

Kiev preferred to conduct an Anti-Terrorist Operation in the Donbass and to use the same strategies as the Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is the lack of a holistic approach to the conflict that led to the failure of the West in Afghanistan, Iraq and Mali. On 16 March 2022, a journalist on TV channel Ukraine 24 referred to the Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann and called for the massacre of Russian-speaking children. On 21 March, the military doctor Gennadiy Druzenko declared on the same channel that he had ordered his doctors to c astrate Russian prisoners of war. On social networks, these statements quickly became propaganda for the Russians and the two Ukrainians apologized for having said so, but not for the substance. Ukrainian crimes were beginning to be revealed on social networks, and on 27 March Zelensky feared that this would jeopardize Western support.

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I think he knew that Russia would respond to the offensive Ukraine was preparing in the Donbass and thought that sanctions would quickly lead to Russia’s collapse and defeat. This is what Bruno Le Maire, the French Minister of the Economy, had “predicted.” Clearly, the Westerners have made decisions without knowing their opponent. These counterattacks were possible because the density of Russian troops in these sectors was then 1 Battle Group per 20 km of front. By comparison, in the Donbass sector, which was the primary focus, the Russian coalition had 1-3 BTG per km.

As for the great August offensive on Kherson, which was supposed to take over the south of the country, it seems to have been nothing but a myth to maintain Western support. To comply with ill-considered policies, our media have constructed a virtual reality that gives Russia the bad role. For those who observe the course of the crisis carefully, we could almost say they presented Russia as a “mirror image” of the situation in Ukraine.

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Being a part of this organization was beneficial to the participants for they were favored over a non-member when it came to getting scholarships and jobs. Just like most youth clubs, they focused on their members’ education and health, with sports and physical activities. The children were encouraged to reject anyone who didn’t embody the values of a socialist. In cases of lying and cheating on the schoolyard, it resulted to “classroom trials”. Stalin wanted the best to prevail in his image of the future Soviet Union so he put into effect a decree that would punish juvenile delinquency to ensure the ‘good apples’ were the ones paving the road for his ideal society.

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