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Musician Hub will be able to provide a helping hand to the musicians and bands to find their band members. It’ll also have a feature that will find gigs for the bands which would particularly be beneficial for those who are recently starting in this field. Often we find ourselves in a situation when we need to save something written on paper. This app will read the number or text written on the paper and will save it for further reference. It will also detect the origin of the word or the number and enrich the knowledge of the user.

While you have to balance app speed against functionality and resolution, you have to ensure that what you have on screen is sufficiently detailed to make the user experience worthwhile. We are well past the times of blocky graphics and today’s users expect to have hi-definition and 16 million colours. There are a few features which are nice to have and some which are must-haves, but many will make your app really stand out. An app that will transform your Instagram stories and make them super attractive and unique. StoryArt comes with over 1000 story templates with different borders, colors, and styles. The editing is super easy and the fonts will help you make an impression with your quotes, captions, and statuses.

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However Figma is considered an equivalent so most third party products support both Sketch and Figma. That will help you get real world feedback from real users which can guide and correct your understanding of what people actually want. You don’t have to decide on how many screens the app will have or what is on each screen; that’s for the next step. But what you want to iron out is what the user will be able to accomplish in the app. It would be sad for someone to dismiss a great app idea because they can’t understand it or the messaging is muddled. You’ll often get your answer by visiting the contact or about page. If there’s an entire team on the about page or if there’s an address for an office building on the contact page, it’s probably a sizable company.

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I think it’s really important to listen to users and iterate constantly on the app to continually improve it. So if a developer isn’t doing that, you can capitalize on that and create a similar app that is more suited to what the users want based on the feedback. After all, everybody has their own preferences and there are plenty of great options out there. However, we really like the combination of YouTube Music and YouTube. For one price, you get unlimited music from YouTube Music with more than enough tracks to compete with Spotify and Apple Music. However, you also get ad-free YouTube along with background video play and offline downloading.

  • There’s both a light and dark theme and tons of layout content customization options to try out, even if you don’t opt for the paid version.
  • But far too often we get bogged down with the nonsense of everyday life and staying in touch gets lost in the shuffle.
  • ActionDirector is free, with in-app purchases for certain features.
  • It asks you to put every dollar to work and can connect with your bank account to track your expenditure automatically.

Business pricing starts at $19.99 a month for up to 10 users. The headline feature of the new iPhones is definitely the new camera system. The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max have three all-new cameras and they are a big deal — literally.

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A virtual exam study app where students can meet and prepare for the exam along with other students of the same disciplines. The learning can be promoted via study tools, discussions, help, guides, and free study material. A digital mall navigation app that will store a digital map of all the shopping malls in an area.

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This “sports-first, but not sports-only” service offers extensive live sports and entertainment content for all your devices. Whether you want to watch NFL games on Sunday, catch up an MLB game that aired during the day, or even stream a movie on-demand, fuboTV has you covered.

You could use it to help redecorate your living room or even to help you choose a tattoo artist. It easily integrates with your browser for fast pinning, and you can view the pins of others for added inspiration. This encrypted email platform offers a range of pricing options, including a free tier, so you have no Rapid application development excuse not to join. Security and privacy features aside, ProtonMail works like any other email app. Make sure to also check outProtonVPNfor securing your network traffic; it’s an Editors’ Choice for free VPNs. After a major overhaul to this powerful password manager, its appearance finally matches its performance.

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Everyone goes to their doctor for regular health check-ups, but they have to remember and make appointments for themselves in order to do that. A health inspector app idea can be one of the best health apps or simple application ideas that will notify the user when there is a need for a health check-up. It will also automatically text message for the appointment and will notify the user whether it was approved or not. Although the site is mostly filled with full websites and web service startups, these ideas can always be implemented into mobile applications for a similar purpose. Another way to take advantage of this is to use it as a source of inspiration when you’re brainstorming.

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16 Cool Apps on Your Phone You Didn’t Know Existed.

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You can add text, transitions, and filters; trim and arrange video clips, use ‘documentary-style effects, plus speed can also be adjusted. Spice offers multiple audio tracks, effects, and songs for free, you can use this feature or sync with iTunes library. Apple’s Calendar app on the iPhone is fine, but definitely not great. Fantastical, on the other hand, is what Apple should have made. When you create calendar entries, Fantastical is contextually aware of things like date, time, location, and even people you’re meeting with, and automatically adds them to the event. That makes it much easier to add things to your calendar without having to tap through menus and options. It also has handy features like one-tap links for Zoom and Microsoft Teams calls, making it easy to join your video meetings.

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There’s no need to have prior editing experience to use this app. The app will walk you through the steps that are usually only a couple of taps long. The drawback is that the free version is more like a free trial than an actual free version. So if you plan to create more than one video, you’ll need to upgrade. An all-in-one platform to build your online presence and grow your business.

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We help global industries, innovators, enterprises, and entrepreneurs enhance their development strength with dedicated teams and staff augmentation services. To make a successful product, you do not have to target a global or national market.

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The app contains the great amount of 190 filters among which you will find dust filters, color filters, light effects filters, fade effect, 3D effect, grain filters, etc. You can also crop and rotate your visuals and create your own presets. Video editing is also a niche that grows in popularity among Instagram users. When it comes to editing and improving videos for this social media, developers focus on attractive effects and filters that will make your content more engaging.

The other reason where quotes vary is because the person doing the quoting may or may not have thought out all the details and may miss estimating a piece of functionality or required code. Given your short time line and unfamiliarity with building iPhone apps, would you be able to make a webpage with the survey and have the app simply display that page?

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You can zoom them, rotate them and even make a duplicate copy. However, files forwarded from your machine might accidentally carry harmful elements.

It’ll reward you with vodka bottles, which you can use to grow your Slav army and conquer the motherland. Doublicat is a fun little deep fake app that allows you to superimpose your face on gifs and memes. If you want to create personalize memes for someone, this is the app to do it with. There are millions of memes and even more gifs on the internet, and you can usually find a huge selection that will work with your face.

Medium allows you to get a completely different spin on the latest news and events by opening the floor up to pretty much anyone. With a 170 million-strong reader base, Medium is the platform where anyone can share their opinions and writings, and it’s a great place to go if you’re looking for different views. You’ll need a $5 per month subscription to see everything, though. Spotify is changing the game for the entire music industry. It’s free on PCs and tablets, but $10 a month if you want to fully use it on iPhone. Well, it can be as much time as you want, really, but 7 minutes will do just fine.

With LastPass, you can access your saved passwords, secure notes, and filled forms from your Android, and you can also create new ones that sync to all your app features devices. The new version of the app ingeniously melds the password manager with a built-in browser, putting the app’s auto-login features at the forefront.

Google Photos boasts a great photo management interface coupled with free unlimited storage (provided you don’t mind a little compression). You can add in photos from your camera roll or add in photos from Unsplash. The app is free to use and offers in-app purchases for templates or an annual subscription. Touted as a “toolkit for storytellers,” the Unfold app delivers convenient templates for your Stories. Made is free to use and offers monthly and annual subscription options. The Mojo Pro template offers convenient tools and is highly recommended. The animations on this app are super polished and help you create professional content in minutes.

Otter’s app is fluid, well-designed, and quick in operation, which makes it ideal for students and professionals who rely on their mobile devices for their work. The app also integrates other top-notch features such as cross-conversation speaker identification, excellent search tools, and in-app editing of transcripts. The essence of this mobile app idea is to introduce a platform using which people could get advice from experts in various fields. For instance, it could be a real estate expert, psychologist, corporate lawyer, or serial entrepreneur. You could monetize this kind of startup by charging interest on transactions carried out by users when they pay for advice services. AnvilEight is a company of professionals with industry experience that provides software development services. The company creates web and mobile applications for both businesses and individuals.

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